T-Shirt Templates Vol. 2

    Go Media Arsenal

    GoMedia Arsenal has released its latest T-Shirt design templates Vol. 2.
    This second volume of T-Shirt Templates comes in response to popular demand and features natural, hand-created drop shadows & HDR photography for smoother shading layers

    ・ Preset Shirt Colors
    ・ Photos of both Front AND Backs
    ・ Flat and loosely wrinkled versions
    ・ Easy to use clipping masks in place
    ・ Smooth, realistic lighting, drop shadow & shading effects
    They also have the Ultimate Apparel Template Collection now up! Buy the ULTIMATE APPAREL TEMPLATE COLLECTION which contains the Distressed T-Shirt Templates, Advanced Hoodie Design Package, Urban Templates, T-Shirt Templates volume 2, Ladies Long Sleeve and Ladies Short Sleeve for one low price! It's a pretty awesome deal!

    See more in the image gallery!
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    If you are in Illustrator aficionado like myself then you should find the following very helpful. GoMedia has just released it's newest tutorial Adobe Illustrator 101.

    Video Tutorial: Adobe Illustrator 101

    If you constantly searching for textures then you have come to the right place! GoMedia also has released a stunning set of Spray Paint Textures! Also included are these phenomenal set of hi-res textures, which include everything from wood to fabric. . . These are priceless and I doubt that you would find them anywhere else. I know because as a designer I am well connected and very resourceful. These are simply incomparable.
    Take a look!

    Spray Paint Texture Pack

    High Res Textures at Go Media

    I have been aware of Go Media for quite some time and I have also been designing for quite some time. It's very seldom that you come across a site that makes it's own fonts. There are a select few on the web that come to mind, but at Go Media they have these wonderful sets of hand-crafted true-type fonts! These are pretty dope!

    Fonts by Go Media

    Thoughtful, Impactful, Meaninful Design. . . what more can I say?!

    Go Media Arsenal

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