Shake The Disease

    The measure of an economy is money. A large economy has a larger supply of money than does a small economy. Therefore, to grow an economy requires a growing supply of money. Every form of money is a form of debt. Therefore, a growing economy requires a growing supply of debt.

    The unemployment rate just rose to a staggering 9.4% I am glad that I did not vote in the last election. I find politics to be absolutely absurd. The debt the Obama administration inherited from the Bush admin was immense. I realize that there is no panacea for economics. In my research perusing the web, I came across this brilliant article by Rodger Mitchell. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell, MBA is a "turnaround specialist," who saves troubled companies. He looks at each company with fresh eyes. He ignores corporate common knowledge. He finds the realities of each company's situation. He's learned: When the obvious answers don't work, the real answers will be counter intuitive. While economics may not be of any particular interest to most people the fact remains that it is vital to understand its purpose in society. This article elaborates on Mitchell's cure for all. It may not be ideal, but it is a prototype. Cure for recession & more