Since I am on the subject of design and tees. I should also mention I have posted a description below. The competition NEVER ends! Upload your design, let the public rate it, and they will select the best one(s) to be printed! It's basically a win-win situation!


    • First, you'll receive a check or money order in the amount of $300.00

    • Second, two free t-shirts with your design as soon as we have them printed.

    • Third, if we re-print your design for a different color or for a specific print style (baby doll, v-neck, long sleeve, etc.), we'll give you an additional $300.00!

    • On top of that, we'll give you a dollar per shirt we sell of your design! Up to $250.00 per month!

    • Plus, you get to brag to your friends and family that your design is famous and that you've won $300.00

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