Overpopulation Equation

    Overpopulation Equation

    If 10,000 Biters use biodegradable condoms every time they make a little love, in a year we'll avert enough polyurethane to fill 223 outdoor trash cans.

    Seven billion people + more on the way = …? One Mama Earth with a whole lotta people to look after. In honor of World Population Day (tomorrow) try on an eco-condom for size. It won't hurt your body or the planet - 'cuz the way things are going, we're gonna need more decimals on our calculators very soon.

    The Benefits

    * Subtracting consumption. Over a lifetime, the average North American will throw away 600 times his or her adult weight in garbage.
    * No calculus required…just a condom. To the 38% of Americans who don't use contraception while hoping to avoid pregnancy: seriously? With biodegradable, vegan, and nontox options available, condoms are way sexier than a few years ago.
    * Multiplying animal populations. Fewer people traipsing around slows environmental destruction (about 25% of the world's mammals are endangered due to lost habitat).

    Personally Speaking
    Cola-flavored eco-condoms: at last. (Er…)

    Wanna Try?
    We're not really sure why these all have to be made so far away (c'mon, American manufacturers!), but at least some are available through American retailers.

    * Sheer Glyde Dams - female latex condoms made ethically in Malaysia; includes a cola flavor. Also: male condoms ($5-$10/12).
    * French Letter Aphrodisiac Condoms - rose- and vanilla-scented, fair-trade condoms made from FSC-certified rubber latex; three other varieties also available ($15/12).
    * Condomi Condoms - an assortment of vegan latex condoms from Germany - including XXL and fruit-flavored versions ($5/15).
    * Condom Depot - not vegan, but it only stocks condoms without Nonoxynol-9 (a spermicide in conventional condoms that carries similar risks to parabens).