Find a niche, not a job

    This is a concise article elaborating on what I feel is the most important aspect in life. Finding your niche and following your passion.

    Author: Steven Beck
    People often seek my advice, looking for ways to improve the economies of poorer areas and develop business solutions that benefit the entire community. Yet for all their good intentions, they rarely understand the difference between a job and a business.

    A business is where the owner has unlimited potential for profit and a job is where a person trades his precious time for a prescribed amount of money. So when people in a community start talking about wooing a company to bring jobs to their town, they are really just asking for a way to trade their time (a priceless commodity) for a flat rate (a common commodity that will meet short term needs).

    To attract business, people must learn to think like entrepreneurs. They must find a niche, research it, and discover what their customers really want. Once they know this, they can meet the needs of their niche. Profits will naturally follow.

    “So, you are saying teach this to the whole town?”

    No, I said teach it to your community. Start with the community you know best, your niche. Then begin to spread out your friends, your church and finally “yes, the whole town!”

    Of course, this will take a while, but in the mean time offer free courses to your church and even to your community. Tell them that the reason you do all this is because Jesus Christ is not just Lord of your heart; He is Lord of your business as well and He is Lord of their business! He owns it all!

    Search out special-interest groups on the internet, as this will help you find internet niche markets. Use the tools on to create and distribute a survey to help you discover what customers in each group really want. Using that information, look for affiliate programs associated with that niche.

    You will find more products to fill that need than you can shake a stick at! Put up a web page with those products and add some “buy it” buttons, invite that group to your web site and then collect their emails so you can tell them more about their niche every week.

    People love to talk about their passions, and your emails let them do that. Everyone loves to learn more about their interests, or to hear of someone else who shares the same passions. Share the joy with your customers, and get ready to make amazing profits with your online business.
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