Purple Reign

    SPIN released it's latest issue recently honoring the 25th anniversary of Purple Rain. Music is conducive to producing art. There would be no art without music. They work together simultaneously and the results are blended into a seamless form of art that is always innovative and unique. Prince is one of the pioneers in pop music. He has mastered his craft. He is a consummate artist. I have the utmost respect for his music and I think that he has revolutionized the genre. The entire album is fantastic, but it's no more apparent than in "Baby I'm A Star!" that epitomizes my fruition. "Hey, check it all out Better look now or it just might be 2 late (just might be 2 late)My lucks gonna change tonight There's gotta be a better life Take a picture sweetie I aint got time 2 waste" I realize that I can accomplish anything with diligence and dedication. Everyone should subscribe to Spin. They have a free digital subscription and this month they have put all the music covered in SPIN right on the pages of the digital edition! You can directly purchase the MP3s on Amazon they are compatible with all MP3 players and of course the iPod.

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    Prince And The Revolution - Purple Rain


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