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    I have been procrastinating for quite some time, but I know a lot of people are probably wondering why I am now advertising CashCrate in my sidebar as a recommended Affiliate Program? The answer is simple, the CashCrate Affiliate Program is very lucrative to you and the list is there to help you. Okay so let me tell you why CashCrate is so lucrative..?

    cashcrate affiliate program review
    Convinced to Sign Up and Promote Cashcrate!

    I know myself I have no interest in surveys or filling out offers online, however many of my friends love them. And that’s how I finally decided to add the program, they convinced me it was the best paid to do offers affiliate program out there. Another reason that made me decide to give it a try was it is a program where anyone can refer and make money as well… Basically refer people to the program and earn a cut of there efforts whenever they fill out or do offers.. Sound good..?
    CashCrate – The Sign Up…

    Okay so I signed up and first thing I noticed was there were plenty of surveys or free to sign up incentives that paid $7.00 or more. That was surprising as I always based my judgment of paid surveys or paid offers as a bit of a dodgy online system. CashCrate is different though, I did one of them and soon enough boom there is the $7.00. Okay so I have not done any more since then but still for anyone out there wanting to make some money now, why not.. It works..!

    Below is a screen shot of a small amount of the current paid offers in CashCrate..

    cashcrate affiliate program - paid for doing surveys
    After this I did some standard Research on CashCrate…

    I started doing some research on the program and what I found was an endless supply of payment proofs and positive feedback. One aspect that interested me is how many people were referring the program and earning over $200 in passive income a month just from there referrals.. That’s when i noticed how lucrative and different CashCrate was… The Referral System..!
    cashcrate referral system CashCrate Referral Program is One of the Most Lucrative Out There – Two Tiers of Affiliates.

    The system of referrals is so simple, simply refer and get 25% of the earnings of your referral. Which is easy when you can simply earn a couple of dollars for free in a couple of minutes. Now the exciting bit is, if your referall refers someone you get 10% of there earnings as well.. That is a true, two tier powerful system.

    Below is some screen shots of payment proofs to see some of my research, I was impressed at how many positive blog posts there were out there as well. So that is the reason I decided to promote it in my sidebar, as a recommended option. It takes a lot of effort and testing, for a program to be put in that spot. Well done CashCrate!