Top Flash Inspirational Sites

    Usually when I am looking for inspiration while working on a project I go to Twitter and peruse all the resources that are available. Currently, I have been on It is a really great site with the best of best Flash/Web projects out there. Recently I found on Twitter really cool site called Flash AllStars. The idea is really simple people can submit their sites. If they are something new or jaw-dropping, they are added to the collection. Now there are 8 categories on Flash AllStars.

    In addition, Dzine Blog which probably has every know resource available has compiled a list of 25 Creative Flash Websites. Here is a collection of the best Flash Websites with 3D Environment and 3D interface, Make sure to turn your speaker ON as most of these flash websites are using cool audio as well. (These sites will require little bit More band width, please be patient while the site loads, these sites are worth the waiting time)

    1.)Comcast Town

    2.)Markez Models



    5.)Get The Glass

    6.)Dragon Hunters

    7.)Prism Girl

    8.)Capri Sonne

    9.)Lata z Coca-Cola

    11.)K2 Inavi

    12.) Erguvan Platin Evleri

    13.) Real Casual

    14.) Senisoft

    15.) On Toyota’s Mind