Traffic Generation

    Traffic generation – if you have been online for long, traffic generation has been something that you have had to learn to master, or you do not have much business. That is just the way it is – you have to generate traffic if you are going to make money online.

    Now, one of the much-discussed areas of traffic generation is free traffic generation. And I think that most people that get into free traffic generation will look for free advertising, free ezine ads, free web traffic, and all other kinds of traffic that is called ‘free’. But that traffic really is poor traffic for lots of reasons, one being that only generally only freebie seekers use this traffic – nobody really makes money with free traffic – it is free, afterall, so what incentive is there to have good free traffic?

    But I have discovered a few sources of traffic that is not usually limped in with the free traffic, and although it requires some amount of work (20 hours per week is recommended), will create incredible levels of traffic to you.

    The root of all this free traffic generation is in maximizing your natural search engine rankings so that your web site comes up in the top ten rankings for your main keyword, and then the search engines send you free traffic.

    So how do you do this?

    1) Make sure your web site is at least minimally optimized for the search engines…for example, use your main keyword in the title, in your keywords, and at least a few times throughout the web site.

    2) Write 10 articles about your web sites’ main topics. Send each of these articles to at least 100 different article directories online. Include an anchor text link in each of the articles with your web site’s main keyword as the text in the anchor link.

    3) Submit your web site to at least 100 web directories. The backlinks you get from doing this are priceless, and are easy to get, they just take time, and when you are getting started online, you have more time and less money…so use this little-used technique.

    Source: Ezine Articles