Minu Ga Hana

    The world wide web is truly amazing. The opportunities provided through the various uses of technology are amazing. I love comics and I also enjoy manga/anime. I'm a geek. I love learning new things and utilizing those skills to my advantage. One of my many other personal hobbies is studying Japanese since I hear it so frequently used in anime. I don't consider myself to be any type of teacher, but I suppose that I have an extensive amount of knowledge that is enough to share with others. Since English is my native tongue it's not difficult for me. I have been tutoring a student in Japan. Her progress is amazing. One of the most practical resources given to me was from a man named Rudy Arnauts, who said "The one thing that school can't teach you is talent." As long as you have fervor and the desire to learn ... anything is possible. In other exciting news, YouTube has now given us the ability to customize the color of the player. Technology has come quite a long ways, so without further ado, I bring to you...