Intelligent Design

    One of the more recent companies that I have taken notice of lately is ID. Here is an insight into what they do. Check it out! Intelligent Design (ID) juxtaposes iconic images with intriguing messages to create a fresh new look. ID’s creative concepts are inspired by a wide range of social causes from environmental responsibility and economic inequity to world peace. The apparel is designed for the ever-increasing numbers of socially-responsible people who are willing to express themselves through what they wear.

    “Peace first. Ask questions later,” declared Bill Jemas, 360ie CEO. “Our fall 2008 line revolves around the world peace movement.” Mr. Jemas, former Marvel Comics Publisher, co-created the ID line with accomplished graphic designer Farrah Gross, 360ie’s Art Director. “We work with dozens of freelance artists and have created a beautiful collection with many diverse messages. But to start, we decided to focus on peace art with peaceful messages.”

    To support the broader Peace Movement and publicize its own peace-apparel line, 360ie is launching - a website that aggregates information about the cause and links to major peace-oriented organizations. also comes with an eye-catching twist – exhibiting the best ID designs in body paint on some very sexy canvases!
    “We want to make you look,” says Sarah Miller, 360ie’s Business Manager, “but we also make want you to listen and learn. We reached out to the people who make the peace movement move – online and off – and gathered exciting, motivating news and intelligence for Sure, we want to sell clothing, but, like our customers, our primary goal is to ensure as many of us as possible are here in the future to enjoy it. That’s the intelligent design behind Intelligent Design.”